Americans warned to be alert during cricket World Cup

Ishara S. Kodikara | AFP | Getty Images Sri Lanka Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, center, speaks to supporters at the prime minister's official residence in Colombo on December 16, 2018, after he was reappointed as prime minister by Sri Lanka's president, the same man who fired him from the job nearly two months ago.

WASHINGTON, February 17, 2011 (AFP) – The United States on Thursday urged its citizens to be extra vigilant about terror risks if they are in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka during the cricket World Cup. “While the US government has no specific threat information regarding the Cricket World Cup, large, high-profile events of this nature can be targets for terrorist attacks,” the State Department warned.

It advised Americans planning to visit the three countries during the World Cup from February 19 until April 2 to consult the State Department’s travel website for country specific information.

“Travelers should pay particular attention at this time to the information on safety and security, crime, scams, traffic safety, and road conditions,” the State Department said.

“US citizens should maintain a high level of vigilance, be aware of local events, and take appropriate steps to bolster their personal security,” it added.

It urged Americans to monitor country news and consider security levels “when visiting public places, including religious sites, or choosing hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and recreation and sporting venues.”

Advising Americans to read the State Department’s