Cleaner Alternatives

Standing left to right – Mr. Dinesh Jebamani (Chief Manager Liability Product Management and New Age Media – Seylan Bank), Mr.Sudesh Peiris (Senior Manager – Digital Banking Channels – Seylan Bank), Ms. S.Senevirathne (Representative of the Revenue Department – Western Province), Mr. Tilan Wijeyesekera (Deputy General Manager – Retail Banking – Seylan Bank) and Mr. Malik Wickremanayaka (Deputy General Manager – Operations – Seylan Bank)

Natural gas, a fossil fuel sold on its environmental friendliness, is available in large quantities and burns cleanly.
Its problem is often its distance from the market, so that gas-processing technology is dominated by the need to prepare it for long distance transportation, either in pipelines or by ship as a liquid.rn

rnOnce pumped out of the gas fields, natural gas destined for LNG is super-cleaned prior to cooling so that it contains no impurities, sulphur, carbon dioxide or heavy metals.rn

rnThe gas is liquefied by chilling to endash 161 degrees Celsius in an LNG plant, that is close to the site of actual gas production, reducing it to less than 1/600 of its original volume.rn

rnThis makes it easier to transport in insulated LNG ships, to a receiving facility in the importing country.rn

rnThis includes a sheltered mooring for the LNG tanker, insulated storage to maintain supply between deliveries and heat exchangers for controlled warming of the cold LNG to gas.rn

rnThe terminal will r