Get Going

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown at the Horton Debate Society Dinner in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Issues ranging from market regulators incompetence to issues that are strangling the debt market, the insurance sector, the Central Bank
quote s role, exchange control regulations will be hotly debated over the three day conference starting March 18.

rnrnThe absence of a long-term bond market, which will resolve the current maturity mismatches between loans and borrowings of banks, will also be highlighted.

rnrnldblquote The reforms so far have been done in a sporadic fashion. We are not going to ask the government to change everything, but simply open the dialogue to discuss reform issues,
dblquote IMF
quote s Resident Representative, Dr. Nadeem Ul Haque told a media briefing today.

rnrnThe fund is acting as a catalyst to the dereg conference together with the Industries Ministry and the Sri Lanka Association of Investment Analysts.

rnrnGiving a curtain raiser to the impending conference, Fitch Ratings Lanka
quote s CEO Ravi Abeysuriya highlighted the need for the government to relax its grip on the