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Sun, 26 April 2015 15:19:10
Sri Lanka doctor appointments on Airtel
05 Feb, 2010 08:59:21
Feb 05, 2010 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's Airtel said appointments with doctors could be made through its network following a tie-up with the, a web based medical channelling service.
Doctors could be channelled by both post paid and pre-paid customers by dialling 225.

Chief Executive of Bharti Airtel Lanka,

Amali Nayakkara said in a statement that the service was part of the network's services that would add value and convenience to customers.

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2. Appuhamy Feb 05
The misuse of the word 'channeling' in a medical context is absolutely true, but to generate revenues and profits, the new business venture has to speak the language the common (sick) man understands.(In Sinhala- 'Deshe hatiyata bashe'). If you try to be honest and scientifically correct, the new e-businesses venture will go no where.

The poor state of the health care system in Sri Lanka is quite evident by the proliferation of private' medical centers' operated by govt doctors on every street corner. They simply dish out prescriptions for minor ailments at exorbitant prices as there are no regulations or standards governing the private health care industry.

1. lakshman Dalpadado Feb 05
Patients in other parts of the world ''consult' their medical specialist or a doctor. In Sri Lanka they ' Channel' their doctor at places known as 'channeling' centres'. This wording has bemused, and confused, many a foreign patient and doctors alike.

A channel is a pathway or a connection between two bodies of water( English channel). The word Channel is also used to describe a pathway or a connection between two pieces of equipment- between the transmitter and the receiver (Radio channel or TV channel).

Channeling( verb) is generally used to describe the process of creating a small canal- or a water way. So, how did this word enter the common lingua franca to describe a patient consulting a doctor?

'Channeling a doctor' perhaps, harks back to the days when government doctors surreptitiously re-directed government patients towards their private clinics thus creating an additional 'pathway' of income.

Using the word channeling is to describe the process of consulting a doctor is not only illogical but also incorrect. Why can't we consult our medical specialists like patients in the rest of the world? Would that be too logical and sensible for locals who thrive, or should I say revel, in chaos and confusion??