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Tue, 28 April 2015 14:14:27
Budget reduces passport fees for locals, raises fees for foreign visitors
16 Nov, 2006 20:20:52
Nov 16, 2006 (LBO) – Sri Lanka is imposing a 10 dollar fee on tourists visiting the island, while locals opting to travel abroad will pay less when they apply for a passport.
Sri Lankan will pay 1,000 rupees less or 2,500 rupees hereafter to get a new passport, President Mahinda Rajapakse who is also the country's finance minister said during the 2007 budget speech Thursday.

A new passport can be collected within ten days.

However, the fee on passports that are processed within one working day will be fixed at the usual 7,500 rupees.

Visitors traveling to Sri Lanka will have to pay ten dollars each at the time they purchase an air ticket, while violations of visa regulations will also be increased.

Tourists from 78 countries are currently issued 30 day visit visas free of charge at the time of arrival.

Rajapakse says the funds collected from overseas visitors will be channeld to public expenditure on environmental protection and preservation of archeological sites.

The Finance Minister says the fee on Dual Citizenship Certificate for Sri Lankans living abroad will be halved to 200,000 rupees if a three year fixed deposit exceeding 25,000 dollars in foreign currency is made in a local bank.

A Sri Lankan, citizen of another country applying for a dual citizenship is required to pay 200,000 rupees on an application

Furthermore, sum of 50,000 rupees each for spouse and children under 18 years is also charged

Sri Lankans will be exempt of the fee if their foreign currency fixed deposit in the local bank exceeds 50,000 dollars for three years.

Age, educational and wealth criteria will be overlooked when granting a dual citizenship if the families can maintain the three year fixed deposit.

These new proposals under the citizenship act will take effect from December 1, 2006.

Please click to read the Budget 2007 speech:

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4. concerned Nov 17
I don't believe that the term deposit requirement was intended to encourage or discourage Sri Lankans who live abroad.

The fact is that the Govt needs money and its trying to get it from all possible sources. I believe that the Govt is trying to get people to bring money into the country.

Granted, in the overall scheme this may not be much. However, a lot of changes like these may considerably increase the Govt's income.

Usually, I would believe that this increased income wouldn't make a jot of difference but considering that the Govt's new budget seems to be focused on the development of SL and eradication of poverty rather than subsidies, this method of financing may be justified.

3. s Nov 17
Who need dfdo we need jvp
2. dfdo Nov 17
The fee charged for dual citizenship for Sri Lankans living abroad will be reduced from Rs.400, 000 to Rs.200, 000 per family. To qualify for this a three-year fixed deposit in foreign currency to the value exceeding US$ 25,000 should be made in a bank in Sri Lanka. No fee will be charged if the value of three year fixed deposit exceeds US$ 50,000.

Does this mean that I could still pay 400,000 and bypass the fix deposit of US$25,000? Or is the only way to obtain dual citizenship by paying SLR200,000 plus US$25,000 fix deposit?

1. Gamekolla Nov 17
Oh dear!
How on earth the new measure will encourage sri lankans abroad to obtain dual citizenship. The fee was R200,000 before per person.

Now it is the same and there is a new condition that one has to have a fixed deposit for three years of US$25,000.

Few families will benefit but not individuals. And the deposit is very high.

What about their other contributions. The measure is not surely encouraging but the opposite.

Despite the tremendous contribution the sri lankans abroad make why do our successive governments shun them?

In India, Indians abroad are given red carpet welcome with a dual citizenship slaped upon them for free.

And then that is why India is progressing and we are not.