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Wed, 29 April 2015 04:48:45
Sri Lanka, South Asia tops Google search queries for 'sex'
28 Dec, 2012 07:48:59
Dec 28, 2012 (LBO) - Surfers in South Asian nations, led by Sri Lanka are among those who searched most for the English word 'sex' in Google in 2012, according to data from the search giant originally unearthed by Emirates 24/7, a UAE based news portal.
A query on Google trends, which tracks search queries places Sri Lanka on top of the countries that have searched for the word 'sex' as a proportion to the total searches made, closely followed by India.

On a city based ranking, Indian cities topped the list for the word 'sex' as a query share.

Among the top 10 ranked countries, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal were from South Asia. Papua New Guinea (ranked third) Ethiopia, Vietnam, Somalia and Cambodia made up the rest of the top 10.

English is widely spoken in the South Asia as a second language, which could be one clue to the prominence of the region in search trend. A search in Google trends for a Spanish equivalent word for sex turns up a host of South American countries.

India is showing signs of overtaking Sri Lanka, running neck and neck during the past 90 days and being on top for the past 30 days.

Sri Lanka has apparently held the top position since 2011. According to Google trends, Vietnam has topped the list in 2009 and 2010, Eritrea in 2007 and 2008, Yemen in 2005 and 2006.

The Google trends could open up possibilities for researchers to find out whether it is a passing phase related to an expansion in internet penetration bringing in curious first time users or existing social strictures that may be driving people to the internet in search of sex.

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5. Saxoman Dec 31
In srilanka we call it "sax" not "sex" guys dont know this and have got it wrong!
4. Rajive de Silva Dec 31
Why sex is considered 'dirty' in Sri Lanka baffles me.. None of us will be here if not for sex. If sex is dirty, then the outcome of sex, us, also should be dirty. Would anybody disagree with me on this logic ?
3. Buddika Dec 30
Blocking porn sites may not produce a healthy environment in the country. All we need is a proper education system which can strengthen the mindset of the younger generation. All we need to agree is that “sex” is a natural instinct and is one of the most uncontrollable natural factors on earth.

Google can measure such activities on net, but the reality is that the sex abuse is everywhere in the world. Sri Lanka is not producing any porn materials compared to other countries. With the globalization I don’t think any of these countries will ever be able to have closed systems. All we can do is to strengthen the mindset of the youngsters. Not only about sex, but also about Alcohol, Drugs etc.

2. Viraj Dec 28
Slap in the face of law that prevent accessing pornographic website! Good intention behind the law, but just like another plaster solution for border question.
1. DillonDP Dec 28
:) come on people lets keep this position too, by the way please dont block any other porn sites, if possible unblock the sites that you wankers have already blocked,we have no other entertainment other than this.