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Tue, 28 April 2015 02:00:33
Sri Lanka anti-corruption activist's house bombed
28 Sep, 2008 08:32:02
Sept 28, 2008 (LBO) - The house of a top Sri Lankan anti-corruption activist who is also a lawyer who has appeared on behalf of victims of human rights abuses and torture, had been bombed last night, police said.
A grenade had been thrown into the house of J C Weliamuna, who heads the Sri Lanka chapter of Transparency International.

The corruption watchdog found that Sri Lanka was the 92 worst corrupt nation in the world, in a report released earlier this month.

Police said a grenade had been thrown to the upper floor of Weliamuna's house but no one was injured. Another grenade had been found on the premises.

The Hong Kong based Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) said Weliamuna had appeared in many sensitive cases related to corruption and abuses of human rights, extra judicial killings and victims of torture.

AHRC said last month the Supreme Court had issued orders on a case where he had appeared for a man who had complained of attempted assassination by some police officers.

"This attack is chilling but not surprising," AHRC director Basil Fernando, said in a statement.

"Threats and attacks are targeted at everyone who tries to highlight the abuses of politicians and state officers.

"Now senior lawyers themselves are being targeted for nothing other than being engaged in their professional duties to their clients."

The AHRC said the previous day he had raised the issue of a lawyer who had received death threats on a case of bribery and torture related to police officers at the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, the island's top association of lawyers.

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4. KRISHNA Sep 29
Come on lawyers fight for the right of innocent humans. this dividing corruption in the name of patriotism has destroyed many nations, and the greedy politicians have always benefited. its time we all stood up.
3. Jack Sep 29
We need a complete overhaul of our systme of governance in which people not monkeys run the country. Unfortunately we have no strict laws to deal with corrupt politicians. Bring the death sentence to anyone who steal public property.
2. Sam.D Sep 29
I love this kind of courageous men specially lawyers who stands against thugs.Keep up good work.We are with you.
1. citizen Sep 28
What happens now? what will the authorities do? what will the bar do... and the justice arm? what will the professionals of this country do? this is real... people may have issues with mr weliamuna, but at the end of the day, the man stood up courageously against injustice.

come on, get up people... this is going too bloody far.

mr weliamuna must not be shaken; he must explain to his young children that he was attacked by a bunch of cowards who most likely call themselves patriots wanting to eliminate traitors because their father was exposing the real traitors. mr weliamuna, you are a true patriot standing up for our country.