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Sun, 19 April 2015 10:05:48
Sri Lanka expressway draws 5,000 vehicles daily
08 Dec, 2011 14:16:05
By Jayantha Kovilagodage
Dec 08, 2011 (LBO) - About 5,000 vehicles are using Sri Lanka's first expressway, the southern expressway, each day on average, Ranjith Pemasiri, the chairman of the road development authority, said.
Daily revenues from tolls charged from motorists using the southern expressway, linking the capital Colombo with the southern town of Galle, is around 1.5 million rupees, he told, our sister news website.

On weekends, the number of vehicles using the expressway, which enables speeds of up to 100 kilometres an hour and sharply cuts travel time, rises to 10,000 a day, he said.

Revenue earned on weekends is about three million rupees a day.

The southern expressway, which opened last month, cost about 70 billion rupees to build.

Pemasiri has said that about seven million rupees a month is needed for lighting of the expressway and other routine maintenance.

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11. Channa Dec 12
For the cost accountants in this forum.
This road is not to make profits. Govt has a duty to provide infrastructure as a social cost. The indirect benefits such as time saved and fuel efficiency is in the billions.
10. humphrey appleby Dec 12
That's under 550 million rupees per year. Don't think its even enought to pay the interest on loan and maintainance. Would love to read the feasibility report on this!
9. A.H.M.Hussain Dec 09
I was in the road on the last 7th . the road is made to speed the limits of 100 KM per hour. but if this is little wider is better. and 2 lane one way is enough according to our country's economy.Not all the vehicle owners are using the expressway.But 7 million per month expenses for lighting is ?. on the night vehicles lights 75% more then enough.Pedestrians not walking in the way.

Any how I am very happy about our President development work in the country.I am drive most of the other country.s express way. but our drivers and the vehicles owners should understand to safe their life and care about their vehicle's.For 100 Km road is safe,passengers safe, vehicle is safe and Our life is safe.This is like more expressway's comes this is the first step in the country's developments.So I am very proud of my country faced the 30 year war after in few years developments.My advise is SAFETY think First.

8. Saliya Dec 09
If you introduce a speed ticketing system you may collect more money from fines as well.
Two lanes for each side is moire than enough as only 5,000 vehicles are using the expressway at present. The world busiest highway, 401, in Canada has only two lanes from London to Windsor (about 200 km) connecting USA and travel over 200,000 vehicles a day. But there is no traffic.
7. garawi Dec 09
3 million a week end x 4 = 12 Million.
1.5 Million a day x 22= 22 million.
So there is 15 million left over. Does that sound good to you? Besides, expressways are a means to development and not just a profit making project. Wait until all industries and other business start moving to areas closer to the Express way developing NOT only the Western province but the rest of the country too as more and more expressways are built.
6. Manilal jayawardhana Dec 08
It is heartening to know that more and more people are enjoying the benefit of fast travel. Yet the colossal 70bn spent to mst be recovered if soon for it to be viable product. At the current income it would take 127 years roughly to recover only the capital spent, not forgetting, maintenance, wages, repairs after accidents etc.

At least 20,000 vehicles must use the highway daily at an average of 500 Rs. per trip to make the ROI in 20 years. I wonder how busy the expressway would be if 20000 vehicles ply on it daily. If it does create congession then people may find it slow and tedious. The million dollar question will be have we achieved anything?
A point to ponder......

5. tilak Dec 08
The day revenue is 3 Million however we will see near future same person will say High way is loss by a million a day.This is a general statement of Srilanka about any project.
4. kappa Dec 08
Assuming the numbers mentioned above will continue at the same rate, it would mean it will take 12.5 Years to break even the investment. Given it saves time not so bad.
3. Rohan Fernando Dec 08
It is very creditable at this late stage for Sri Lanka to have a dual carraigeway road. I am not sure whether you could call it a expressway as it is equivalent to a normal A road in UK, not a motorway. A motorway in UK have around 3-4 lanes in each carraigeway. Regarding the revenue earned it is from one pocket to another pocket, while the 70 billion expense, major portion maybe in foreign currency, which has to be generated by exports or inward fund transfers
2. Leelananda Dec 08
"Seven million rupees a month is needed for lighting of the expressway and other routine maintenance."
Then what about loan repayment with interest and other services. This easily could add up to another Seven million rupees. So full amount fourteen million rupees (Definitely it will be much more than this). How the government going to find this money.
1. expat Dec 08
Be careful speeding on highways.
Fleet of Ferraris ruined in Japan sportscar pileup