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Sat, 25 April 2015 23:26:04
Sri Lanka govt expands overstaffed public service
12 May, 2011 13:12:10
May 12, 2011 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's government has created a new service within an already bloated public service to give jobs to 15,000 unemployed graduates and another 15,000 youth, a statement said.
The Cabinet of ministers has approved a proposal to establish a 'Sri Lanka Development Officers’ Service' and a 'Sri Lanka Development Assistants' Service' and to recruit 30,000 people to the public service under these two services, it said.

"On a promise given by President Mahinda Rajapaksa it has been decided to establish these two services in the public service with the view to provide assistance in the implementation of the development activities of the government."

The statement said 15,000 graduates will be recruited to Sri Lanka Development Officers Service and 15,000 youths who have passed the General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level examination and "sat for the GCE (A/L)" will be recruited to SL Development Assistants Service.

Both types of recruitment will be from August 01, 2011.

Sri Lanka's public service is hugely overstaffed and inefficient, its ranks bloated by recruitment by successive governments made by both the two main political parties who have ruled the island in order to win votes.

State workers take home over half of tax revenues as salaries and wages.

Members of the public service did not pay income tax on their salaries but that was changed in the government budget for 2011 presented in November 2010.

The statement about the new recruitments did not say how much it would cost the tax payer.

In his budget speech in November, President Rajapaksa, who is also finance minister, said every 100 rupee increase in a state worker's wage adds 1.9 billion rupees in wage and pension benefits a month to the government wage bill.

The new recruitment comes after the expansion of Sri Lanka state workers seen since 2004 flattened in 2010.

Total state workers fell slightly to 1,299,102 in 2010, down just 1.1 percent from 1,313,584 in 2009, according to government data.
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2. Channa May 17
@ Siripalala, Don't insult the public sector. The armed forces won the war and they are not the private sector. State banks lend money to sectors that the private banks dare to lend. Sri Lanka has an administrative DS system that goes to the very rock bottom of society. Millions of children are schooled in public schools. Millions of patients are taken care of by Govt hospitals you too will someday be admitted to one of them as matter of last resort. The public sector may have it's shortcomings like the Railways or for that matter Sri Lanka Cricket. But compare it with a crazy private stock like GREG or mass travel Private buses. Only a handful of private sector companies make decent profits while being socially responsible.
1. Siripala May 15
Sorry to all you public sector workers, but the facts are simple. Public Services are over staffed, badly run, inefficient and a waste of money.