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Mon, 27 April 2015 00:39:46
Sri Lanka hotel occupancy rates down
29 Jan, 2013 10:39:11
Jan 29, 2013 (LBO) - Occupancy rates at Sri Lanka's hotels had slipped across star categories in November 2012 from a year earlier, worsening from October despite arrivals going up, official data show.
The average occupancy rates of hotels tracked by the state tourism office fell to 76.2 percent in November 2012 from 90.3 percent a year earlier. In October occupancy fell to 73.2 percent from 80.8 percent.

The number of hotels tracked by the tourist board rose to 269 from 252 in 2011, with uncategorized hotels rising to 155 from 139.

In November 2012 occupancy in 5-star hotels fell to 76.4 percent from 90.2 percent a year earlier and occupancy in 4-star hotels fell to 75.7 percent from 91.7 percent.

At 3-star hotels occupancy fell to 77.4 percent in November from 88.8 percent as year earlier, and 2-star hotels to 77.4 percent from 89.1 percent.

At 1-star hotels occupancy fell to 75.3 percent from 90.3 percent. At unclassified hotels occupancy fell to 77.9 percent to 91.8 percent.

Sri Lanka full year tourist arrivals rose 17.5 percent to 1,005,605 in 2012.

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15. Wadda Podda Feb 19
@expat. Try to understand that man(something not seen so often in Sri Lanka today). He is after all a Sri Lankan still, even though he holds a foreign passport. Sri Lankans were never shy of bragging, in my opinion. As the Chinese saying goes, < A leopard* never loses it's spots >

*I changed tiger with leopard and strips with spots, due to sensitive nature to the word tiger in Sri Lanka. Now,that's understanding.

14. expat Feb 18
Just because you are an outlier that doesnt mean the entire population of SL's with foreign passports fall into that category.

So you have foreign passport and you "supposedly" spend a lot! Stop using this comment threads to massage your ego mate.

13. TIA Feb 15
With the focus of increasing tourism, Sri Lanka needs to focus in developing/ offering various occupancy options like service apartments,private bugalow rent outs. Service apartments available in other coutries gives an value for money option when visiting with extended family.
12. Shaik Anwar Ahamath Feb 08
The government's mandatory minimum price for 5-star hotel rooms must have an effect. The hoteliers know the business and should be allowed flexible pricing according to seasons and the government doesn't.
11. Saranga Feb 07
This is wrong, so called " Srilankans with foreign passports" I am one of them and when i visit i spend big bucks perhaps the amount i spend greater than so called foreigners and i do also stay at hotels.

I am a hotelier myself and what I see in Sri lanka is rip-off pricing structure and lack of affordable hotels like you may have seen across south east Asia and Australia. We dont always expect 5*star and when you on holiday , you spend more time outside than at the hotel room.

10. EXPAT Jan 30
There may be several issues with these figures. The Government run Tourism Ministry will obviously show higher figures of arrivals and also show an incremental trend, so that all who look at these data will think everything is on the up.

One needs to know exactly who are counted as tourists. There are many Sri Lankans domiciled abroad and carrying foreign passports visiting family 'n friends; one can say they are tourists also on one hand but can also consider them as locals on the other hand.

There are many who pass through BIA and also the Colombo port. yes there are cruise ships that arrive here and it used to be that travellers need visa to get out of ship and walk around colombo. They never stay for maore than a day and usually dont go to a hotel.

As one person correctly stated many Indians come and go as they please within 24 hours and not checking into a hotel. Also there are so many LODGES and other such accomodation , which may not be registered or unknown to the Tourism people.

One should visit a country like Thailand to understand how tourism is managed as a money making industry. Remember the Tsunami that killed more than hundreds of thousands ?? And so many other bad experiences like bombs and shootings and the like! But still it remains one of the primary places for tourists.

Sri Lanka has a lot to offer but then powers that be cannot even come up with a proper slogan or a promotional video. They still have a Island Mentality or more like frog-in-the-well mentality.

9. D lllngakoon Jan 30
Sri Lankan hotels are way too expensive for what's on offer. We are getting a bit greedy here. Every time I speak to my Aussie SL friends who have been lately they mention the prices as too steep. There are many other destinations that provide lot better value than SL at the moment. this is definitely a wake up call before it gets worse IMO.
8. Shan Jan 30
Tourists and expats arriving are more money savvy and there's a growing trend to stay at apartments or holiday homes. There are sites like that allow anyone to rent out their house/apartment for much cheaper than hotels. Your point about arrivals going up but hotel stays going down says it all.
7. Upasake Jan 30
Sri lankan prices for bill gate type tourists,but blind ministers don´t know they are very few numbers of tourist in this catagory.once i visited old dutch hotel in fort galle the price for doubble room was 1000 usd, it is funny they compair 1000 usd as 1000Lkr,so then i said i am not a Bill Gate...
6. Dhammika Dharmawardhane Jan 30
I believe the discrepancy of total arrivals to hotel occupancy is mainly due to the Tamil Diaspora now obviously with foreign passports being counted as tourist traffic. Fair enough but they will invariably stay with family and friends or rent an apartment.
5. Dela Bandara Jan 30
Sad but true , most of the so called tourist are Sri Lankan sinhalese living abroad. the country does not have anything unique to offer.
4. Raj soma Jan 29
Srilanka as become a luxury Island with less resources for tourist compared to Thailand,Malaysia,Vietnam and Burma where cost of 4-5 star hotels are under US $60 and food prices are so cheap.How can Srilanka compete? It is going to be down hill for Srilanka unless they rectify it, the tourist industry is going to suffer.Most visitors come from Europe and Asia and they need Cheap hotel n food.
3. Nimmi Premaratne Jan 29
The so called Tourists who arrive at the corrupt, lawless Banana Republic are sleeping at Bus Shelters and Railway Stations.
2. Alfred Kuranage Jan 29
Its normal, I am hotel Manager live in Venice, this month arrival's are O , Many Hotel's are closed untill March.
1. Boniface Jan 29
this is the real situation on tourism as most of the so called tourists are Srilankans with foreign passports and Indians for shopping and transist passengers to sub continent, if you take them out srilanka will have real tourists of around 800thsd and not 1 M