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Tue, 05 May 2015 12:09:27
Sri Lanka mulls special passports for business people
26 Jan, 2012 12:12:41
Jan 26, 2012 (LBO) - A Sri Lankan business chamber is negotiating with immigration authorities to secure special passports for business people to help them cut through red tape during overseas travel.
The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) is trying to secure a different type of passport business people recognised by chambers and the Export Development Board export promotion agency, said Sarath de Silva.

"The NCCSL is negotiating with the immigration department to get them to issue a different type of passport to business travellers," de Silva, head of the NCCSL's agriculture and food processors section, told a forum organised by the chamber.

"It will be of a different colour, with more pages. Very soon, we businessmen who are certified by the chambers and the EDB will have a different passport. It will allow more travel."

He said the chamber was trying to ensure easier overseas travel for the island's business people who are required to make frequent trips abroad.

The move followed complaints by company executives of difficulties in getting approvals like visas for overseas travel.
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6. Tax payer Feb 01
These comments are typically srilankan, as one has written what ever happens good or bad , we complain!! I think it is a good idea to give a passport with more pages if not another colour or help with visas. Don't think all business people are useless.It is the complex each person has.what about the real tax payers ? whose money most of our so called citizens are wasting in stikes specailly at universities etc ? it is not FREE education, we tax payers pay for their education & not the Govt !! Remember that nothing is free, someone is paying for that.
5. podi manz Jan 28
Perhaps one suggestion for chamber of commerce is to offer small handy flags to all its members so that they can always keep it in their pockets and wave it when necessary to get preferential treatments in getting things done..... even trishaw drivers will give them priority.
4. rizzo Jan 27
Regardless its a good move or bad move always SLns will protest. This may be a first step to get more easy travel guys. But issue is nobody will trust as after sometime there will be money exchanged to get his special passport! Lets improve the image of our country by being good travelers and hosts first to be recognized. it will not come overnight. No fake degrees, fake licenses, passports...
3. ihi Jan 27
This is hilarious. no wonder our business people are such useless lot, but are big headed!!!!. now they are seeking even help in getting visas. that means they are not confident enough to get visas the normal route. or are they thinking they are a special species above ohers?
2. jayn Jan 27
Very true, Damo. Discrimination, oppression and priviledge has become routine now. Nobody even sees a problem.

Privilege is 'politically correct' now.

1. Damo Jan 26
Who's this person?? Doesnt he realise its unconstitutional to discriminate? Oh sorry I forgot we're talking about SL