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Tue, 28 April 2015 11:00:36
Sri Lanka passes gaming law
10 Nov, 2010 19:13:33
Nov 10, 2010 (LBO) - Sri Lanka passed a gaming law which allowed casinos to be set up in areas designated by a minister, legalizing an activity that has anyway operated as clubs with members earlier.
The bill was labeled by Sri Lanka's main opposition United National Party as a move that will hurt "the cultural, social and religious interests," of the country by the de facto creation of 'redlight' districts.

Some of Sri Lanka's existing casinos are used as pick-up points by commercial sex workers, especially non-national ones, who also cater to the tourist trade.

The UNP itself drew criticism from sections of the current ruling coalition for planning a law to legalize 'redlight' districts shortly before it was thrown out of power in 2004.

The posturing is typical of the widespread hypocrisy and deceptive 'politicking' that is practised on the people by all politicians in the island.

Sri Lanka is planning to attract several million tourists to the island after a 30-year war ended last year. Tourists who frequent casinos are usually high spenders. Several Asian nations including Malaysia has designated areas where gambling is legal.

The bill to regulate casinos was passed with a comfortable 114 majority with 33 voting against, a reporter said.

The move came as police launched a hunt for people appearing in pornographic material amid protests that some of the material was stolen private property and the people involved were being victimized twice.

Though police got a court order to publish the pictures in the media, many newspapers refused to carry the pictures saying they were not sure of the origins of the material and whether or not they were digitally altered.

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4. dare Nov 11
We should promote gambling like Casinos in Sri Lanka to a certain extent & it could generate money from foreigners. I wanted to tell that I hope our religious leaders WILL NOT go against this. In past they involved in too many unnecessary things.
3. Lucky Nov 11
Good move. If we want Sri Lanka to be a top tourist hot spot, we will require casinos, night clubs and red light districts. The ultimate truth is that!!! And we need proper regulations to maneuver them.

Most of Sri Lankans are like wolves in cattle skin. In general, they are tending to be the most religious and well behaved people....but within they tend to do all the nasty things. Don't believe me for just saying!! Look how many liquor bars, gambling joints and prostitution exist in urban areas!!!!

2. charitha Nov 11
You hope the religious leaders go against this? well a quick fact, gambling has been going on in sri lanka for a long time. what exactly do you think the lottery is all about? that's government sponsored gambling. individuals take a risk in spending their money , hoping to get a large return. the very definition of gambling :)
1. dare Nov 11
At last a really good move for the country. I hope our religious leaders go against this.