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Sun, 26 April 2015 11:47:07
Sri Lanka SEC new chairman appointed
28 Aug, 2012 20:21:41
Aug 28, 2012 (LBO) - Nalaka Godahewa, former chairman of Sri Lanka's tourism development agency has been appointed as the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, a state official said.
Priyantha Fernando, Sujeewa Mudalige, S R Attygalle (from the Treasury), Ananda Silva (Central Bank) are the other commission members.

Godahewa this week resigned from George Steuart Finance (formerly Divasa Finance) a firm connected to investor Dilith Jayaweera, who has received letters from the SEC regarding several deals made by his investment firm.

Tilak Karunaratne, the former SEC chief resigned allegedly following pressure from Sri Lanka's so-called stock market mafia, which has engaged in securities fraud.

He said probes in to 17 cases securities fraud were drawing to a close when he was forced to quit.

Influential investors who helped create a stock market bubble with margin loans has blamed the SEC for a subsequent market fall after a credit bubble collapsed taking Sri Lanka's balance of payments and the exchange rate with it.

Shortly before his ouster, stock brokers and selected investors met Sri Lanka's president.

The SEC chairman before Karunarantne, Indrani Sugathadasa, a retired senior public servant also resigned saying she was upholding her principles.

Sri Lanka has had ever worsening problems with rule of law and justice since a civil service commission was abolished and the institution of 'permanent secretaries' was broken by two constitutions in 1972 and 1978.

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20. Niro Aug 29
What a farce !
හොරුන්ගේ හොරු කම්බා හොරු
19. Banda Aug 29
Small Investors - Suba Anagathayak!!
18. kibula banis Aug 29
U sell moar sudda buy moar. who no moar?
17. Abbas Aug 29
Wonder of Asia
CSE = Manning market!

Nothing to say about the appointment, its self speaking.

Dan & Kapila,
I am worried whether you can do it. However, i am sure they ( Mafia) will do it. That's why this appointment is so important for them. They are indebted & they want to get of this mess

16. Mafioso Aug 29
No more investigations. Api Okkoma Rajawaru.
15. EX PAT Aug 29
Ditto Gamini & Halitosis Devesurendra
"Godahewa this week resigned from George Steuart Finance (formerly Divasa Finance) a firm connected to investor Dilith Jayaweera, who has received letters from the SEC regarding several deals made by his investment firm."

This explains the reason for above appointment. So much for regulating :)

For the record, the most respected SEC Cheif in recent years Dr. Dayanath Jayasuriya refused a second coming.

14. Kapila Aug 29
Dan - you said it, I am going to do the same.
Meeran - talk about it. There are long term serious consequences of that can follow.
13. Amarasena Aug 29
Now market will be like a buru pola. Crony brokers will run the market. Investors will play casino.
12. Rajive de Silva Aug 29
Ladies and gentleman, now is the time to sell. Make hay while Nalaka lasts and get out of the stock market !
11. Dan Aug 29
I have received an email from my broker , after long lapse mainly during Tilak’s short stay at SEC. email explains how wonderful it all going to be coming months. Good, so i can sell all my stock at high price and get out from this rotten lot, never to be return.
10. meeran Aug 29
From the frying pan into the fire. Another big mess like the appointment of a ponzi schemer to the central bank.
9. HalitosisDevesurendra Aug 29
Horagey ammageng peyna ahanawa wagey. Baduth horagey; naduth horagey. A puppet political crony to keep matters hidden. We are talking billions here
8. anura Aug 29
We all need to realize the boom was only becoze of mamipulation of shares specially by these so called mafia. If raj rajarathnam can go to prison in US why our regulators cant do thier job properly. here whats happening is players are trying to regulate the regulater. very pathetic.
7. raja Aug 28
Is this, cse market mafia win ?
6. gemini Aug 28
Now,Naduth rajjuruwange, Baduth rajjuruwange.
5. Roshans Aug 28
Advance sympathies.
4. miki Aug 28
Be a Watch dog, don't be a Street dog who barks on each n everything...
3. hara Aug 28
Hope he is better than the earlier two idiots, they brought the stock market down to let foreigners buy our shares dirts cheap.

When a referee tries to control a match too much he spoils everything for everybody.

Hope Nalaka will find the correct balance. And conduct investigations discreetly and not leak negative remarks about the market

2. milanka Aug 28
Ayyooo... why this soon you came... you could have come next week. aparade... now market will needs some other news to move. what is it??? anyways welcome on board....
1. Shakeel Aug 28
Bad choice. Political choice and not based on merit. You should get someone new and fresh talent from the Lankan Brain Drain.