Sri Lanka appoints 90 ministers and deputies

Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe arrives with flowers to receive blessings at the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple, Colombo, Sri Lanka on Wednesday 4 April 2018. On wednesday (4), Wickremesinghe survived a no-confidence motion in the Sri Lankan parliament with a 46 vote majority after a 12-hour debate with 122 MPs voted in his support while 76 MPs voting to remove the prime minister. (Photo by Tharaka Basnayaka/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Nov 22, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa has appointed 59 ministers in addition to the prime minister and 31 deputy ministers Tuesday ahead of a budget for 2011 to run the administration during his second term in office. Among the large group of ministers was also a minister for productivity development.

Rajapaksa’s first term saw more than a 100 ministers being appointed, but some of them lost office in general elections in April.

There were 59 ministers of cabinet rank including 9 senior ministers, a new position created this year and the prime minister, a government statement said.

Sri Lanka has had large and unwieldy cabinets for several decades which analysts say undermines openness and accountability and paves the way for decisions to be made by a non-transparent ‘kitchen cabinet’.