Thumbs Up! — Budget Update 5

Chief Regulatory Officer at CSE Renuke Wijayawardhane presenting the listing certificate to Executive Chairperson at Renuka Hotels Shibani Thambiayah

ldblquote We will make our recommendations to the board within the next three days. The board will decide on the trench payment by late April
dblquote , IMF Senior Representative, Dr. Nadeem Ul Haque told Lanka Business Online.

rnrnThere is a possibility that the fund would combine two-tranch payments of US$ 30 mn each for the April release.

rnrnDr. Ul Haque expressed the fund
quote s satisfaction about the budget saying it ldblquote sets a direction for the future and clears the revenue system
dblquote .

rnrnHowever, he emphasised the need for a ldblquote fast and strong
dblquote implementation of the reforms spelled out in the budget, to attract much needed foreign direct investment.rnrn