A Nostalgic Moment for LAUGFS

laugfs 20th anniversary

LAUGFS recently celebrated its 20th anniversary by taking a journey back to its cultural roots, in the historic city of Anuradhapura.

Over 500 employees from across all LAUGFS companies joined together with the Group Chairman, Mr. W. K. H. Wegapitiya and Group Managing Director, Mr. Thilak De Silva in gratitude for LAUGFS’s remarkable achievements on its extraordinary journey of two decades and to invoke the blessings of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and Ruwanwelisaya.

“No matter how far we go as a conglomerate, LAUGFS will always remain a truly Sri Lankan Company at heart,” remarked Mr. Wegapitiya, “We began our journey in this spirit 20 years ago and we will ensure that the name LAUGFS remains synonymous with our country and our heritage for many more years to come.”

“We often focus so much effort on the business, targets, growth and so on, failing to take time to dwell on our spiritual and cultural heritage. We are thankful for our many successes and we decided to take a moment away from business, to honour our heritage, together with our amazing team who have been with us in both the good and bad times.” Mr. Thilak De Silva commented.

The excursion began in the early hours of the morning on the 12th of September, with the first stop being the sacred site of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi for a blessed ‘Kapruk Puja’. After this the group travelled to the legendary stupa of Ruwanwelisaya to observe the second ‘Kapruk Puja’.

The day’s events concluded in the evening with a breathtaking offering of a ‘Pahan Pujawa’ in commemoration of LAUGFS’s 20 year journey. It was a stunning moment as the LAUGFS team lit 20,000 clay oil lamps laid out in the garden whilst spending time in meditation and hopes for future success and blessings.

The LAUGFS team also visited a school for differently-abled children at Anuradhapura together with the Chairman & Managing Director and spent time with the kids, while also donating a number of much needed resources for the kids and the school.

It was certainly a memorable journey for all those who attended, bringing the team closer as one LAUGFS family and setting the stage for the next era of LAUGFS’s journey of success.

laugfs 20th anniversary