Lanka Service Network or lquote JobsNet
quote is built around a database of job seekers, employment providers, NGO
quote s and training centres.

rnrnThese are linked to service outlets set up in each of the country
quote s 24 districts that will assist in job placements or access to information in Sinhala, Tamil or English, Labour Minister, Mahinda Samarasinghe told Lanka Business Online.

rnrnInitially, 24 employment service outlets are to be created in each of the districts, being expanded to about 54 outlets over a three to six month period.

rnrnJobsNet will serve as an interface or point of contact between related parties in the manpower market, creating a service system for unemployed and retrenched workers, says Labour Consultant, Renton de Alwis.

rnrnThe database will cover sources of employment in and out of the country, self-employment options, and even entrepreneurial services.

rnrnIt also offers sources of training and retraining should they require it, arming them with skills that will