Apr 12, 2013 (LBO) – A Sri Lankan legislator has alleged that a public relations firm hired by Sri Lanka to lobby American politicians and others, has misled the US government in a mandatory disclosure by providing wrong information. Harsha de Silva, an opposition legislator said Thompson Advisory Group of Washington is being paid 100 million rupees by Sri Lanka’s Central Bank to lobby congressmen and engage in other political activities.

De Silva told reporters that
information filed under America’s foreign agents registrations act (FARA) by the Thompson Advisory denied that it’s principal, Sri Lanka’s central bank was supervised, owned, controlled, financed or subsidized by a foreign government.

De Silva alleged the Central Bank was a state agency coming under the finance ministry, and its governing members were appointed by the president and therefore the claims that the bank was not supervised or controlled Sri Lanka’s government were false.

In answer to another question the PR firm had said it was not working for a foreign government but a “semi-autonomous arm of the government”.

De Silva also questioned whether the Central Bank’s governing law