Aid Spend

Cabinet Spokesperson Prof., G L Peiris says the government expects nearly US$ 1 billion of the US$ 4.

5 billion in aid pledged at the June Tokyo conference to flow into the Sri Lankan economy before end 2004.

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The increased aid follow has prompted policy makers to increase the allocation to key sectors roads and rural electricity. rn

rnAs a result, Prof., Peiris say the government will increase spending on roads and bridges to Rs.

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1.875 billion, up from an allocation of Rs.

371 million in 2002. rn

rnSpending on the water supply systems will rise to Rs. 1.795 billion, over the 2002s Rs.

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395 million. rn

rnEducations will receive Rs. 118 million, an increase over Rs.

76 million the previous year.rn

rnAn estimates Rs. 9.790 billion of the funds will go towards rural electrification projects. rn

rnMeanwhile, the Ministry of Finance is due to make a three year budget proposal to cope with the inflow of aid pledged at the June conference. rn

rnAnalysts say a three year budget will allow the governm

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