Air Pocket

Under the airport expansion plan covering some 700 acres, the two runways will have to be constructed leaving a 1.8 km distance. The distance is necessary to allow two of the biggest aircrafts to land at the same time. These jumbo planes are capable of carrying up to 500 passengers in addition to cargo.rn

rnThe airport buildings and terminals will also be modernised and relocated. The expansion would also see the neighbouring Air Force base being relocated, he said. rn

rnMarapane says the runway is essential to stave off competition from neighbouring India, which is forging ahead with its own plans to develop its airport and aviation industry.rn

rnWith ambitious plans to position themselves as an aviation hub in the region, Indian officials are already putting the pressure on IATA (the International Aviation and Transport Association) officials to recognise Bangalore, Madras or one of the Southern airports and are prepared to develop it as a regional hub.rn

rnSays Marapane: ldblquote If we are to

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