Amnesty granted for Sri Lankan migrant workers in Lebanon

July 27, 2017 (LBO) – The Sri Lankan government has made efforts to regularize nearly 7,000 undocumented migrant workers in Lebanon, and Lebanon has now granted them an amnesty, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beirut said.

After nearly year long negotiations with the Lebanese government, a special resolution was passed by the host country in February to repatriate all undocumented Sri Lankan workers.

“Under this scheme, undocumented workers who are above 60 and have overstayed beyond 15 years have been granted total amnesty without any charges,” the embassy said.

“The others have been granted repatriation with 50% payment of their overstay fines. The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beirut extended appreciation for the assistance granted by the relevant agencies both in Lebanon and Sri Lanka.
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According to the General Security of Lebanon 90 percent of undocumented Sri Lankan origin migrant workers are female domestic workers.

Considering the new regulations Sri Lanka Embassy in Beirut is working towards registering all Sri Lankan migrant workers in that country.

Since September 2015, over 400 Sri Lankan migrant workers have registered their presence in Lebanon at the Embassy.

The General Security of Lebanon has given approval for 55 Sri Lankan persons with exit permits, and 39 Sri Lankans were repatriated in July. The Embassy staff facilitated the repatriation at the airport.

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