Ananda Sirisena & Co to launch Sri Lanka’s first-ever Company Secretarial App

Isura Sirisena

Isura Sirisena

Oct 07, 2020 (LBO) – With over 30 years of service to local and global clientele, renowned company secretaries Ananda Sirisena and Company (Private) Limited, announced the launch of Sri Lanka’s first-ever company secretarial app.

Taking the organization to the new digital age, the second generation of the family-owned organization has tirelessly worked on bringing the related laws and regulations, documentation and guidance tutorials on to one easy-to-use platform. The app titled “The Boardroom” is due to be launched shortly.

Speaking on the launch Executive Director Isura Sirisena noted, “For years we have accumulated a loyal clientele and incorporated hundreds of companies. The process which was done manually earlier, has now been made so much easier and accessible to our existing and new customers. Through the launch of the app, we are also aiming at targeting new clients who are tech-savvy and looking at transformational business models”.

Through the app which will be available for both Android and Apple devices, clients have the ability to carry all their corporate documentation on an app that will help them to quickly share them via social media, messaging apps and email, and also accessing documentation during meetings with banks, investors and/or partners.

The application is designed to save time and bring ease of access to any scale of business from a first-time entrepreneur to large organizations as well.

Ananda Sirisena & Co was also instrumental in launching Sri Lanka’s first-ever online portal for free corporate secretarial advice. The website is targeted not only at company secretaries but also at the business community and young entrepreneurs who want to launch their new enterprises but struggle with the cumbersome paperwork that company registration entails.

For more information and comprehensive company secretarial information please visit the new website

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