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Feb 04, 2014 (LBO) One of the most humbling experiences in my professional life is the opportunity I had, to work with Mel Gunasekera for nearly ten years and to build a rewarding friendship. Mel took over the challenge of building LBO at a time most people were skeptical about the future of web as a delivery mechanism of news.

That was way back in 2000 when the web was in Jurassic Age.

In Sri Lanka, she created a wholly new branch of journalism and a new form and art of writing financial news. LBO would not have reached to what its today, if not for her commitment and leadership.

She was fiercely independent and never bowed down to commercial or political pressure.

She was committed-stubbornly- to the highest standards of her profession. She always committed to serve the rights of her readers the right to know unbiased, accurate and insightful news, timely.

Relentless pursuer of truth, Mel was guided by only one voice- the powerful voice of her own conscience. Once, during the early days of LBO, Mel reported on a landmark regulatory action against a powerful service provider. The company together with the PR and advertising agency brought much pressure upon her to retract her st

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