Are you prone to Cancer or Heart Disease?


Are you prone to Cancer or Heart Disease?

Go to a Union Chemist Pharmacy and find out now”, says Dr Vaz Gnanam, Director Credence Genomics, subsequent to their tie up with Union Chemists. Credence Genomics is now working with Union Chemists (Pte) limited to assist you in finding out your risk of getting cancer and heart disease.
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The managing partners of Credence Genomics are forging ahead with cutting edge DNA technology, which provides a service to Sri Lankans which is only available to a few globally . Credence is the only commercial next generation sequence solution provider in our country.
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Now, all you have to do is just walk into a Union Chemist pharmacy and inquire from the pharmacist how you can do this test. This test will not only tell you your risk, but it will also ensure that you take the right precautions and adhere to the correct lifestyle which will enhance the quality of your life.
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“If you have a genetic predisposition to breast cancer, colorectal cancer or heart disease.

We are capable of telling you whether you have a mutation in one of the genes which is responsible for these conditions.

However, like any other DNA testing, it is mandatory to sign a consent form prior to this test”, said Dr Gnanam. Credence Genomics have embarked on these three areas as each year more and more people are diagnosed with heart disease and cancer.
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The highest cancer incidence rate in Sri Lanka is in Breast Cancer. “In a classroom of 30 students, you will have one student affected with breast cancer.

Colorectal Cancer is the commonest cancer among men and one in three men affected is less than 50 years of age, while approximately 20 people die daily in Sri Lanka due to heart disease”. The current global trend is to identify your genes and ensure that early detection puts you on the right path. Early detection could make all the difference in the world.

Lifestyle plays a major role in the wellbeing of a human being. “Once you identify your genetic predisposition to such conditions you could adjust your lifestyle to ensure a better tomorrow”.
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Pictured: Dr. Vaz Gnanam - Jt. Managing Director Credence Genomics (PVT) Ltd, Mervyn Burrows - Chief Pharmacist Union Chemists (Pte) Limited and Sharon Rodrigo – Director Union Chemists (Pte) Limited. (Media Release)
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