At least 127 people killed in Paris shootings, blasts

paris attacks map

Nov 14, 2015 (LBO) – At least 127 people have been killed in gunfire and blasts including a possible suicide bombing in Paris, officials said.

Terrorists armed with AK-47s and some reportedly with bombs strapped to them attacked locations throughout the French capital and at a stadium where a soccer match was being played.

Five attackers in the coordinated attacks had been ‘neutralized,’ Paris prosecutor Francois Molins told reporters. CNN reported at least 153 killed in the attacks, while other media placed the death toll lower at 127.

The worst scenes were at the Bataclan concert hall with at least 112 people killed in the ‘bloodbath’ according to one witness. A witness told Radio France that attackers inside the Bataclan concert hall had entered shouting “Allah akbar” with their guns firing.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had offered condolences and help, while Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman told CNN the death toll is going to rise significantly. “We are facing an unknown and historic situation in Paris,” he said.

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry said there were no reports of Sri Lankan casualties in Paris, and they were in contact with relevant agencies. Sri Lankans can call +94-112-45264, +9477-4919796 or +33-155733131 the Foreign Ministry said.

Leaders including U.S. President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Manila starting Monday, and terrorism is likely to be at the top of the policy agenda at the G-20 meeting in Turkey starting Saturday.

The Paris prosecutor’s office says that eight attackers are dead after a string of attacks around the French capital, seven of them in suicide bombings, according to the New York Times.

112 were killed at the Bataclan theater, 14 were killed on Rue Bichat at the site of the Le Petit Cambodge restaurant, in the 10th district. 19 died on Rue de Charonne in the 11th district, outside a bar called La Belle Equipe. Four were killed on Avenue de la Republique, in the 10th district. Four others died outside the Stade de France, in Saint-Denis, north of Paris, CNN reported.

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6 years ago

Wow…I cannot believe this…So many tragic events in the world always…

Shee Lankan
Shee Lankan
6 years ago

These were frequent happennings in Sri Lanka before 2009 and no western government or USA cared. Its still a daily occurance in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Lebonan. When it happens in the west its big news. A life is a life, where ever it happens. The biggest arms manufacturers meddling in foreign countries for Power and money needs to take responsibility.