Australia to allow liquids to be carried on int’l flights

CANBERRA, Nov 21 (AsiaPulse) – Australian international air
passengers will soon no longer be banned from carrying liquids
in their carry-on luggage. The federal government has announced that new advanced
explosive detection equipment will be installed at Australia’s
international airports by 2013.

Currently, Australians booked on flights overseas are not
permitted to carry any containers which can contain more than
100 millilitres.

Transport minister Anthony Albanese says the easing of
restrictions will make travel easier and less stressful for

“What this is about is ensuring that security is maintained
but that the convenience of the travelling public is made much,
much better,” Mr Albanese told reporters.

“What this is also about is making sure that those people
doing screening at our authorities concentrate on the real
threats – are able to focus on the work that we want them to

The restrictions were introduced in 2006 after a failed
attempt to blow up airliners travelling between Britain and
North America using liquid explosives.

Each month at Sydney International Airport about 1250 duty

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