Auto Effect

Apr 27, 2011 (LBO) – The prices of Indian-made Maruti and Alto cars sold in Sri Lanka have gone up by 12 percent because of this week’s government import duty hike, according to agents who ship the vehicles. Shivantha de Zoysa, senior general manager, sales and marketing at Associated Motorways, said the price of an 800cc Maruti has gone up by 120,000 rupees to 1,140,000 rupees.

“The Maruti has gone up by 120,000 rupees. Alto also gone up by 12 percent,” he told, our sister news website.

This means Alto cars, which had been selling for between 1.
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2 million and 1.4 million rupees before the import duty hike, now cost 144,000 rupees and 168,000 rupees more.

A senior official at United Motors said the Viva car from Malaysia with an engine capacity below1,000cc will go up by 150,000 rupees while a Mitsubishi Lancer will go up by 250,000 rupees.

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