Auxenta wins the Best Startup of the Year award

(PRESS RELEASE) – We are delighted to announce that Auxenta has been awarded the “Best Startup of the Year 2016” by CSSL – Computer Society of Sri Lanka.

This award is a testament to the company’s stellar performance since its launch in 2014 in Silicon Valley. Within a short time-span of 2.5 years, Auxenta made tremendous progress by achieving the following milestones.

1. Being the first company to develop a Bitcoins trading engine for a Silicon Valley customer
2. Recognized by Echelon Magazine as one of the most exciting tech start-up companies in 2014
3. Acquired more than 20 clientele within 3 continents – USA, Europe and Asia
4. Achieved 300% revenue growth in 2015.
5. Recognized as one of the 20 most promising companies in Quality Management Systems for 2015 by US-based CIO Review magazine.
6. Being the first IT company founded by Sri Lankan-American entrepreneurs to be featured in the cover page of US-based Silicon Review magazine in 2016.

In addition, the company has achieved a great feat in the industry by reaching a 100 man team within just 2.5 years since its inception. Within this time period, Auxenta strengthened its leadership team by adding leading entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and corporate leaders from iconic companies such as Google and Microsoft, including the former Global Head of Product Marketing from Google.

Congratulations to Team Auxenta for their unprecedented achievements and best of luck in the year ahead.

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