Banks In Mousetrap

Technology is offering opportunities to add value and new services to the local banks both foreign and local banks have started offering Internet banking which they hope will also bring down their operating costs.
During a typical mid day in Colombo the traffic comes to a stand still. It is not the time to be running errands or making detours. rn

rnA stop over at any of Colombos banks would be a nightmare. The queues would be long and parking almost impossible- guaranteed to take the good part of an hour. rn

rnBut it doesnt have to be that way.rn

rnMost of the transactions done in front of a bank counter can also be done sitting in the comfort of your office.rn

rnOnline commerce including Internet banking is slowly catching on with both foreign and local banks taking the World Wide Web more seriously. rn

rnNet banking pioneers like Sampath Bank say that going on line was the next logical step after having put up dozens of ATMs around the country.rn

rnThey also prefer to have custome

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