BDS for SMIs

Experts say quality business development services like training and consultancy could change the way business is done in the island.rn

rnldblquote There are many instances in the country where small people were given money but the project they embarked upon became failures because didnt have the know how. It is the expertise that will come through the BDS,
dblquote Enterprise Development Minister G.L. Pieris says.rn

rnVery few small and mid sized companies however use business development services or BDS.rn

rnThe Enterprise Ministry in a study found that average spending on BDS by small business was low even by the standards of developing nations.rn

rnldblquote Average spending on BDSs is Rs. 75000 per year. This is less than US$ 1000. It is not high compared to Pacific Island countries were people spend 4 times higher,
dblquote points out Chris Reichert a Consultant at BDS Research.rn

rnMore awareness about BDS can change the situation. Experts also say small and medium scale companies are le