Benefits of AWS Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services(AWS) offers a secure cloud service platform, with ample compute power, database storage and myriads of other services that are vital to aiding a business scale and grow. To keep it short here’s why you need to join AWS and a few of the benefits it holds in store for your business. By the end of this article, we hope you love AWS as much as we do.

Cost efficiency and Flexibility

Pay only for the server requirements you need, with no long-term commitments or upfront expenses. Basically, it gives users the ability to adjust (scale up/down) their setup to meet their changing business requirements and even terminate your AWS account whenever required. So, you can chase revenue goals and reduce costs, by taking on new challenges and responding to beneficial business opportunities as and when they arise.

Global leader in cloud computing

The AWS Cloud is constantly extending its span, currently covering 54 availability zones within 18 geographic regions, with plans for growth (12 more availability zones) already in motion. What this also means is that AWS prices will continue to decrease due to economies of scale; as their Client base and Cloud consumption grows they will have to expand their infrastructure to accommodate this increase.

Multiple services that seamlessly integrate under one platform

Allowing users to select the specific operating system, database system, web application system, and programming language, AWS also enables users to load all the software and services your application requires. This not only makes the migration process for existing applications swift and convenient but also reserves the options for building new ones. Whilst streamlining the entire process of development for teams, it also eliminates the requirement for any additional products or services.

Heightened Security

Security is a huge advantage when using AWS server. Our clients work in different industries ranging from healthcare to retail and are very particular about data security.  AWS proves to be an invaluable asset because of its security features such as; authentication protocols, authorization, audit trials for users and data integrity. The AWS server uses an end-to-end model to keep data secure, with several security certifications like ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS Level 1, FISMA Moderate, and SAS 70 Type II.

Faster Deployment Speed

Deploying SAAS is much faster on AWS compared to other servers. Where standard deployment usually takes 2-3 days to acquire and test, AWS cuts the deployment phase down to just a few minutes.

EFutures has been a partner of AWS for over 10 years, providing quality AWS services for many Clients both internationally as well as locally including; Seylan bank, CSE, NSB and Peoples bank. Our highly trained cloud support team offers round the clock support and are more than capable of providing assistance for any AWS requirements.

Join AWS services and watch your business grow.

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