Brand Summit

May 16, 2014 (LBO) Senior corporates leaders and marketing professionals from Sri Lanka and the region will come together at a one day conference in Colombo this month to share their expertise and experience as disruptive digital technologies change rules of brand building. Digital technologies are influencing the tastes and preferences of consumers, and are fast re-shaping consumer behaviors as never before in the history of modern marketing.

“Today™s empowered consumer no longer wishes to be a passive recipient of carefully crafted, coercive and manipulative messages,” says said Lakshaman Bandaranayake, Founder/Publisher of LBR and LBO.

“The consumer wants to be in control and wants to be a co-creator of his or her own experience. The disruptive and enabling features of digital technologies are melding with traditional practices and giving birth to a new set of powerful marketing tools.”

Unlike their predecessors, today’s marketing professionals need to excel in traditional marketing functions as well as in the emerging disciplines such as mobile marketing, analytics, social, web, search, content and shopper marketing.

They also need to challenge the existing paradigm by building new models of customer experience based on the new rules of brand build

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