Breaking Boundaries

Suntel wOw has signed up with Dialog, Celltel and Mobitel enabling its portal users to send SMS to these networks.

rnrnHowever, Celltel and Mobitel users have the added advantage of replying back to the wOw SMS.

rnrnldblquote This is a major break through facilitating interactivity between two different means of communication endash the Internet and the mobile phone,
dblquote Suntel
quote s CEO, Hugo Cerderschoild told a media conference today.

rnrnCederschoild said the added features were part of his company
quote s strategy of constantly coming up with creative ideas to add value to its customers. ldblquote Thinking out of the box is encouraged at Suntel.

rnrnThis customised feature was developed with upcoming wireless application developer WaveNET (OmniBIS).

rnrnOmniBIS, has also offered the lquote OmniBIS Mobile Office
quote endash an interface between wOw SMS and mobile operators.

rnrnAs part of the SMS feature, wOw users can create their own personal contact list, to facilitate