Breaking The Mould

The open debate will also sort through the political baggage that still remains one of the biggest hindrances to an efficient, disruption free system of education.

rnrnldblquote The efficiency of education is tied down with its views focusing solely on the equity principle, not allowing for the efficiency and effectiveness of education. The situation is aggravated with politically motivated student unions setting out the status quo
dblquote , says Faizal Saleh, Chairman Education committee of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

rnrnThe problem goes deeper, from the curricula to the teaching methods to student attitudes, drawing the relevance of the local education system into question.

rnrnAs one educationist said ldblquote the system is not geared to make students more competitive and Sri Lanka more competitive in the global marketplace
dblquote .

rnrnAmong the biggest problems is also the inability of students churned out of local institutes to fit readily into the employment arena.


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