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Buddha said to respect democracy, No dictatorial rule: PM


Jun 25, 2018  (LBO) – Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the Buddha had never preached a dictatorial rule but instead his thought was to consult, confer and disperse peacefully and to respect ideologies expressed by all people.

“The Government is running the country according to the teachings in Buddhism and if Buddhism faces any danger, government won’t hesitate to take action against such a move,” he said at a ceremony organised at the Maha Manthinda Pirivena in Akuressa, Matara recently.

“Buddha never thought anyone to become dictators and never endorsed killing people and forceful disappearances,”

The Prime Minister further said that Buddha had preached on how to rule the country through many Sutras.

“A king should follow the Dasaraja Dharmaya when ruling a country,”

“Besides, the Buddha had preached on the Lichchavi precepts as well and as a democratic country, we should act accordingly and follow those people friendly ruling methods. The Buddha had never asked rulers to kill countrymen.”

He stressed that Buddhism is against all forms of killings and torture.

The PM’s comments come following last weeks sermon by chief priest of the Asgiriya chapter, Vendaruwe Upali, who when blessing Gotabaya Rajapaksa on his 69th birthday urged him to follow the German dictator Hitler and take over the country even if it means establishing military rule.


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