Business Guidance

Aug 02, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Lanka Orix Leasing Company (LOLC) and a micro financier attached to a charity are teaching relatives of foreign migrant workers to set up and run small income generating businesses. “People themselves hand carry or they send through their friends and family members,”Nanayakkara said.

“So what happened is the beneficiaries go on a spending spree.

“They just consume this money without investing wisely not realizing that the person who is sending the money will not send forever.” About 1.8 million Sri Lankans are estimated to work abroad. A large number of blue collar workers, especially those in the Middle East, remit money back to family members.

But sometimes there is no savings or stable income for the family after the migrant worker returns.

LOLC has started a program called “Viyapara Shilpa” (enterprise skills) with Sarvodaya Economic Enterprise Development Services (SEEDS), a micro finance firm connected to Sarvodaya, a large Sri Lanka-based charity.

“This will enable their lives to be economically more stable and the migrant workers could return home to their families,” Rohini Nanayakkara chairperson, LOLC group said.

Dayananda Muthuku