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Dec 13, 2011 (LBO) – WSO2, a Si Lanka-based provider of ‘ middleware’ that lets information technology applications talk to each other, said it has been rated high in a new industry survey. The company has been cited as a strong performer in the ‘Standalone SOA Management Solutions, Q4, 2011’ report published by an independent research firm, Forrester Research.

The ranking for the standalone service-oriented architecture (SOA) management solutions was based on a 51-criteria evaluation of commercial and open source vendors.

“WSO2 scored 4.40 out of a possible 5.00 points for product architecture,” a statement said.

œBecause SOA business services model key business transactions and queries, SOA products can provide direct business benefits in the form of real-time business visibility, agility, and control,” it cited the Forrester report as saying.

“As one of the key categories of SOA specialty products, SOA management solutions are a critical tool to maintain robust SOA operations and also to provide flexible visibility into business operations, it said.

œWe designed all of our middleware and cloud products with the idea that a lean, adaptive, modular architect

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