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Sept 06, 2012 (LBO) – SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd of India has tied up with Arinma Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, a Colombo based firm to explore infrastructure opportunities in Sri Lanka as the island emerges from a 30-year civil war. The collaboration is targeting opportunities in advisory, equipment rental for the construction and healthcare sectors, and also, road and rail-related development and IT enables services for industrial parks and tourism-related facilities.

“We believe that bringing SREI into the Sri Lanka will create a platform for both the private and public sector in Sri Lanka to access what is perhaps the most sophisticated and successful advisory services company in India¬¶,” Arinma Holdings chairman Ashan Malalasekera said.

SREI’s has expertise in structuring public private partnerships, transaction advisory, financial advisory, project development and management, he said.

Arinma was started in 2008 to work with international business partners and provide services.

SREI is a 23 year old firm which has which also has a joint venture with Europes BNP Paribas to provide equipment leasing services in India.

“Post-war Sri Lanka is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom in construction and

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