Taxi fares have been falling rapidly even as associated costs like fuel, telephone and vehicle prices have rocketed. Take look at a typical Colombo wall with posters.
Take a closer look at the posters and you start to notice patterns. rn

rnPatterns of numbers. rn

rnWhat is funny about these numbers is that they are catchy and easy to remember. rn

rnThey are telephone numbers of new taxi services in the town. New posters come up almost overnight as new cab services mushroom.rn

rnWhile most of them are not as bright or easily recognizable as the famous New York taxies, it is still not difficult to flag one down in the city.rn

rnBut Kangaroo Cabs, the pioneers in the field say that there is very little competition in the market segment they operate in.rn

rnThey say the company has staying power unlike the mushrooming new cab companies.rn

rnldblquote Yes, new cab companies are mushrooming. But only a few of them become successful,
dblquote Claude Fernando points out.rn

rnBut the sma