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The long overdue national communications policy got cabinet approval earlier in the week, with plans now afoot to hasten its rollout.
Secretary to the Ministry of Mass Communication, Kumar Abeyasinghe told Lanka Business Online that the policy was approved by cabinet and was now looking at implementing it as soon as possible. rn

rnMeanwhile, stringent laws strengthened by higher licensing fees will be put in place to better utilise the countrys spectrum and number blocks, measures proposed under the UNF governments second budget.rn

rnWhile looking at increasing its revenues in 2003 to an estimated Rs. 2 billion, the government also hopes to put in place policies to manage radio frequencies and telephone numbers now being used by telecommunication services providers. rn

rnThe management of the number blocks will eventually lead to a universal numbering and number portability system, where phone numbers would not distinguishable by service provider (Suntel endash 074, Lanka Bell endash 075, Dialo

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