Can We Do It?

The access road proper will hopefully be completed before the end of the year.

rnrnAt the moment it is a stretch of loosely packed mud.

rnrnThe previous government reportedly ran out of money to build the access road after initially going along with a proposal of Sri Lanka
quote s top software firm, Millennium IT, to start an IT park here.

rnrnPrompted by the likes of former BOI Chief Thilan Wijesinghe, the IT is park and the nearby Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology is one of the very few long-term initiatives undertaken by the PA administration.

rnrnIf the access road were completed in six months, Millennium IT would be able invite, without embarrassment, its shareholders who put Rs. 550 mn into its spanking new corporate headquarters.

rnrnAt least Rs. 2 bn in government funds is needed to provide basic infrastructure like access, power, water and waste disposal to the IT park.

rnrnWith hardly any money to acquire land, the project was driven forward by dedicated Urban Development Aut

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