Capital Developers deploy five piling machines for twin tower project


Apr 20, 2017 (LBO) – Property developer Capitol Developers has deployed five piling machines to accelerate construction of Capitol Twin Peaks, the 470-apartment twin tower project on Staple Street, the company said.

After breaking ground in November, the company aims to utilize new trends to complete construction by 2020.

“One of these pilling machines, the Bauer BG 30, is the largest piling machine of its kind in Sri Lanka. Deploying this piling machine and four others at one project site is a rare occurrence, as it requires advanced technical skill and a strong investment commitment from the developer,” the company said.

Piling uses vertical columns that are driven deep into the ground to transfer the building load to a deeper level.

Capitol Developer is part of the Sanken Group, with Sanken Construction the design and build partner for Capitol Twin Peaks.

“Having 360-degree access for all its project needs in-house ensures that Capitol developers does not have to outsource functions such as piling work, thereby maintaining full control over every aspect of the construction.”

Capitol Developers has a portfolio that includes Capitol Residencies, HR Residencies, Tulasi Mahal Apartments in Jaffna; the business city hotel, Cinnamon Red Capitol 7 on Rosmead Place and Capitol Elite on Horton Place.

Sanken Construction has delivered Trillium Residencies, Empire City, Emperor, OnThree20, 7th sense on Gregory’s Road and many other high-rises in the city.

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