Caught Out

As regulators continued to probe deeper in to the Pramuka Bank irregularities, a senior bank official was caught red-handed by Central Bank officials on Wednesday allegedly trying to take some vital documents out of the banks premises.
Regulators ranging from the Central Bank, the Criminal Investigation Dept, Bribery Commission and Labour Commission are presently combing through Pramuka Savings & Development Banks documents to try an unravel the complex alleged financial transactions.rn

rnLast week, the CID got a court order to prevent Pramuka Banks senior managers from leaving the country. But Pramuka chief Rohan Perera had already left the country.rn

rnSri Lanka Accounting Standards Monitoring Board has launched its own investigation into Pramukas past accounts to check whether it violated Sri Lanka Accounting Standards and also whether its auditors KPMG Ford Rhodes Thornton carried out the audit according to Sri Lanka Auditing Standards.rn

rnThe Bribery Commission is investigating on the subst