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CBEOU requests all political parties to ensure that there is no anarchy in Sri Lanka

Central Bank Executive Officers’ Union (CBEOU) expressed its fullest support to the people’s movement against the futile regime, which should be directly responsible for destroying the Sri Lankan economy, and as promised, we emphasize that the failed President and Prime Minister must bow down to the people’s verdict and vacate their offices.

Releasing a statement, the union requests all the political parties representing the Parliament to act promptly within the existing constitutional provisions and ensure that there is no anarchy in the country.

“We strongly believe that any party that comes to power in the future will not hinder this process of reaching an agreement with the IMF, which is the primary way to save the economy from this calamity,” the statement said.

“The IMF has already emphasized that in order to continue the program, political stability must be established in the country very soon. Aside from prioritizing party or personal political agendas, political parties should work in due urgence to create the political and social stability that must prevail in the country.”


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