CEB and PUCSL call truce : Entities developing common platform to approve generation plan

Sept 10, 2018 (LBO) – Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), the state utility who provide electricity for Sri Lanka and its regulator the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) are to develop a mutually agreed process to approve electricity generation plan.

The CEB, upon receiving the letter from the PUCSL indicating the timeline of the activities to be conducted in the approval process for the Least Cost Long-Term Generation Plan (LCLTGEP) 2020-2039 said, it is very important to follow a common agreement to the process considering the disputes between the PUCSL and CEB previously on approving LCLTGEP 2018-37.

LCLTGEP is a 20-year plan developed by the CEB indicating the power plant additions through various energy sources to the national grid.

However, CEB has objected in activities as stakeholder consultation on input data saying that there is no provision in the Sri Lanka Electricity Act but indicated the wiliness to work together with PUCSL.

“Thus, upon receiving a revised activity plan agreeable to CEB, we would make arrangements to commence further activities in that regard, including attending to meetings,” CEB said in the letter.

Sri Lanka has not built a new power plant since 2014 although the PUCSL has approved a number of LCLTGEPs. As a result, the CEB is facing difficulties in meeting the demand for power and CEB procures power from independent power producers (IPP) at a much higher price.
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