CEB announces new off peak tariff to charge electric vehicles  

Sep 16, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) is offering off peak power at 13.00 rupees a unit to charge electric cars at home, a statement said.

“In order to facilitate electric vehicle charging, a low off peak tariff of Rs 13 per unit kWh has been offered for seven hours starting from 10.30 p.m,” the CEB said in a statement.

“A higher tariff of Rs 54 has been charged for the four peak hours from 6.30 p.m and a tariff of Rs 25 a unit has been charged for the remaining thirteen hours of the day.”

The option has been offered initially only to those consumers having a three phase supply and the additional cost of the new Time of Use meter has to be borne by the consumer.

Sri Lanka new rulers reduced the taxes for electricity cars in order to encourage people to purchase them.

Currently about 51 percent of electrical energy is produced by coal and about 20 percent by diesel and furnace oil in the Island while about 20 percent of power is produce by hydro.

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