Ceylon Chamber hosts ADB consultation mission to strengthen agri-food value chains in Sri Lanka


As part of efforts to address the urgent need for reforms in Sri Lanka’s agriculture sector, the Ceylon Chamber hosted a consultation mission from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The mission aims to prepare an investment project to bolster Sri Lanka’s agribusiness sector through targeted investments, technical support, and policy reforms.

The Ceylon Chamber brought together key stakeholders in the agriculture ecosystem to consult with the ADB Mission on the scope and implementation arrangements of the proposed project, which aims to
support agriculture value chain financing and commercialisation.

The consultation focused on three main components crucial to the sector's transformation: expanding credit access for agribusiness entrepreneurs, providing advisory and financial services for entrepreneur and business development, and identifying required policy reforms to support agribusiness growth.

The discussions also emphasised broader developmental goals, such as addressing undernutrition in South Asia, where the region accounts for almost half of the world's undernourished population.

By strengthening agri-food value chains, the project aims to contribute significantly to improving food security and resilience in the region.

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