Ceylon chamber to help Sri Lankan importers source goods at ‘factory prices’


May 24, 2016 (LBO) – The Ceylon chamber of commerce with Fair Deal AS, a globally spread import sourcing arm is planning to launch a program to help Sri Lankan importers buy goods at ‘factory prices’.

Under this program, Fair Deal which is a subsidiary of the Advance Business Partners of Norway will function as the purchasing agent of the Sri Lankan importer.

It will help importers to source quality goods at a better margin while cutting down intermediaries in the value chain and bringing in clients closer to the production chains.

“This gives importers the opportunity to buy goods at factory prices,” Jan Erik Groos, CEO of the Fair Deal AS said.

“It also achieves increased competitiveness through reduced costs, more goods for their money, increase the quality and possibly increase sales through unbeatable campaigns.”

Through this program the chamber and Fair Deal will help importers search new suppliers, ensure quality standards maintained and also remove barriers such as language.