Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka bids farewell

Feb 27, 2020 (LBO) – Chinese Ambassador Cheng Xueyuan will be leaving Sri Lanka to take up his new promotion.

PMD Statement

It was an honor to work as the Ambassador to Sri Lanka, said Chinese Ambassador Cheng Xueyuan when he came to the Presidential Secretariat today (27) to bid farewell to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Ambassador Cheng will be leaving to take up his new promotion. Some of his best memories in foreign services were made in Sri Lanka, he noted. He promised to continue to support Sri Lanka in whatever capacity that his new post allows.

He was deeply appreciative of both the Sri Lankan Government and the Sri Lankan people for the support and solidarity shown to China during their darkest hour brought on by the coronovirus. The consignment of black tea that President Rajapaksa gifted to those affected with the virus as well as the pirith chanting that took place across the Island was recalled by Ambassador Cheng with much gratitude. Replying to President’s inquiry, Ambassador said that the situation now in China is rapidly coming under control and now the number of infected has fallen to two digit numbers.

The President while wishing Ambassador the very best also asked him to continue to support Sri Lanka, especially in terms of initiating new projects. The Colombo – Rathnapura expressway, solar and wind powered renewable energy projects and uplifting standard of living in rural village are some of the concerns highlighted by President. President also assured that special facilities would be offered to Port City investors. Ambassador Cheng in turn assured that Port City will see high rise buildings in about two years.

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