Clean Start

Instead, corporations should take an immediate stock of the current position, update arrears up to 2000 and submit details to the parliament
quote s library by Dec. 31, 2002, Treasury Secretary Charitha Ratwatte said Monday.

rnrnFrom 2002 onwards, all state institutions should table their annual accounts before parliament not later than Dec. 31, 2001, he said.

rnrnDraft accounts are to be submitted to the Auditor General along with all the supporting documents necessary within 60 days after the close of the financial year. Auditor General will thereafter submit his report on the accounts within 30 days. The reports will be printed in all languages within 150 days after the close of the financial year.

rnrnCabinet has also raised Directors
quote salaries to Rs. 1,500 per meeting for commercial public enterprises and Rs. 1,000 per meeting for statutory boards.

rnrnA new Public Finance Act will also be introduced to improve the performance and accountability of state entities.

rnrnThe new Act replaces